Live at The Fleece, Bristol for 6 Music’s Bristol Takeover with 24/7 Magazine.


Cycle One Conceived, edited and directed by Jamie Worsfold (Pinhole Media) 2012. All the footage was shot by fans and friends on mobile phones and tablets! Taken from our debut album Dead Wolf Situation

Icebreak Directed by Jamie Worsfold (Pinhole Media) 2012. First seen courtesy of Amazing Radio. Taken from our debut album Dead Wolf Situation

Maths Directed by Jamie Worsfold 2012. Taken from our debut album Dead Wolf Situation

Three   Directed by Lee Stone and Annie Gardiner 2009. Taken from Our Lives Are A Futuristic Nightmare EP featuring Lee Stone on drums





We are playing Wakizashi Festival Bristol…

We have been in hibernation for a while, basically writing new material. We have never stopped gigging just to write before and as it turns out, its the best thing we could have done.

We have been recording the results with Jim Barr (Get the Blessing / Portishead) at his studio J&J in Bristol where we have worked before but never with Jim producing. Its been fantastic so far and we are really excited about this particular thing growing. Watch this space etc…

We will be coming out of hibernation (or incubation) for Wakizashi Festival at the Old Malthouse in Bristol on Saturday, the 22nd October. We are on just before Get the Blessing and will be our only performance until the album is finished and we book a tour. There are loads of great bands on the bill; Twin, Iyabe, Perverts, Drone Soul, Knifeworld, Saltings, Halftone, Traces, Charivari and loads more.



Free Improvisation Performance with Annie, Maggie Nicols and Corey Mwamba

I (Annie) will be part of leading an improvisation with Corey Mwamba and Maggie Nicols, both highly respected jazz and free improvisors in the field at the mo (not nervous or anything)! Corey won the PRSF/Jerwood Take Five prize in 2007, has been shortlisted for BBC Jazz Awards and will be doing a workshop earlier in the day called ‘Improvising Silence’. Maggie Nicols is one of the most notable Free Improvisers in the UK today, she was part of the Spontaneous Music Ensemble and has been using the techniques of John Stevens this week. She will be with us on Friday after returning from Thurston Moore’s (Sonic Youth) Ecstatic Peace Library Conference at Café OTO where she will be performing this Tuesday. Please join in with us on Friday at Trinity Centre as part of the finale of@ Emergenc(i)es at 5-9pm (drop in any time) FREE! xx

Taken by Debi Withers for Emergenc(i)es exhibition June 2016.
Taken by Debi Withers for Emergenc(i)es exhibition June 2016.

‘Days of Our Youth’ – A compilation of Delta 5 covers (with Annie G on there) GREEN CASSETTE RELEASE. .


Last September my friend’s Sarah and Reb of the brilliant Leeds band Esper Scout mentioned that they were putting together a compilation of Delta 5 (also a Brilliant Leeds band) covers to raise funds for their friend and supporter Kelvin Knight, drummer of said band. Sadly, Kelvin passed away before this compilation was released, but he had heard it and is said to have loved it and so will you!

I chose to do Delta 5’s ‘Powerlines’ as I absolutely LOVED the vocals in it especially the middle 8 where it goes ‘I should seen it coming, i never stood a chance, cos the voice is you’. I just loved that phrase ‘cos the voice is you’… so many times you can ignore the voice inside you because people convince you, you aren’t good enough, or that you are beneath them, or they want all your attention for whatever reason and will manipulate you in all kinds of ways to get it. And inside that voice knows that its all crap and if you pay attention you can miss out some unnecessary time wasting in life. I feel like this is a perpetual lesson of mine and immediately emotionally connected with the song. The reason Tom doesn’t feature on it, is because we couldn’t afford the studio time to get his kit recorded. I just programmed the drums, played two bass lines, guitar and sung. My favourite bit in the end was coming up with the extended random piano parts… I just threw it to chance, some bits are played some are drawn with the pencil tool in Logic, just randomly sprinkling notes about the place. I could probably do a better mix but all in all, I am happy with it and proud to be a part of this tasty compilation and its beautiful sentiment.

I first met Sarah and Reb and Kirsty and Abbi at a festival we both played at a couple of years ago. We played a few shows again with them in Leeds and then Wakefield as part of the Long Division festival where good friend and co- Bomb the Twist label owner Toni Lines had organised a stage. In Leeds we supported them on their excellent 7inch ‘Belay’ release party at the Brudenell Social Club. The day after we all went off to this massive pound shop mission with Kirsty’s mum where I randomly found a DVD of Gustav Metzger amongst piles of loom bands and replacement TV remotes (for all makes of telly)! We also had a killer breakfast that morning cooked by Kirsty and her mum, when it came to me and Tom leaving we felt like we’d made some great friends as said to each other, we got to get them to do our album (as it was planned to be then) gigs with us. When we released our EP ‘Blood Burst’ last year, Esper Scout joined us on our party tour, which we did in Bristol, London and Sheffield. We also played with Witching Waves in Sheffield and I love their version of ‘You’ on this comp. We caught ES recently at the O2 in Bristol where they were supporting the Cribs on tour, was amazing to watch them play on a bigger stage and the fucking rocked!

Please may I urge you, reader, to go and spend a fiver on this great GREEN CASSETTE compilation and/or listen to it and give love to all the fabulous artists on here!

Annie x

Stephen Doyle’s Punk Show:

Moles Club, Bath. 1st May…


We have been hit by an impetus to write more music, which we kind of do every time we play together (including at gigs) but decided to concentrate on it. It gets confusing and annoying to play old songs when your head is in the creation of new ones. And we are always daft enough to play unfinished songs live before we should – which usually kills the song stone dead. So we’re trying a different tack.

So there is one gig booked and it is at Moles Club in Bath on the 1st of May with The Lovely Eggs, Candy Darling and Drone Soul. We are on early and will be road testing some new stuff we have finished. Tickets advisable and can be found on the FB event page.

Can’t wait to do a run of gigs again with our new stuff!

Annie x x

Secret Saturday’s gig series closes with a ‘H.I.’!

Me and my friend Dan Johnson (Cool Knife, Run Logan Run and Harry Furniss Quintet) have been running a gig series called Secret Saturday’s at a ‘secret’ location in central Bristol. It’s a practice space and can have a limited number of ‘jammers’ or audience to come and see a super intimate experience with some amazing musical friends. This series we had Memory of Elephants, MXLX, John McCartney and our own bands Cool Knife, Run Logan Run and Hysterical Injury. We have recorded, filmed and taken pics of all of it and will be making a cassette release compilation with a zine to come out on my micro label Crystal Fuzz.


Me and Tom took it as an opportunity to try out the stuff we have been writing and re-work the tracks from last years ‘Blood Burst’ EP. In fact we only re-worked Woken With a Warning by playing it in half time, i liked it a lot because the lyrics were much clearer. I really enjoyed playing this gig, the connection with a captive audience is an amazing thing – everyone was there because they really wanted to be and we could all be in this universe for 45 minutes together, it was a pleasure to ask people in to it. That was the last in the present series, but we hope to do another in August, so watch out, and watch out for the documentation of this series coming soon!


While we were doing this, Tom Robinson played us again on his BBC 6 Music Fresh on the Net show. I was moved to tears by what he said, I feel like we are a relative unknown, and I don’t mind as me and Tom are just interested in playing and making new stuff and enjoying every moment of it around our lives and we have a life that inspires every thing and blah blah (we are crap at network business shit and putting on a false smile on to people that we don’t instinctively trust…and are always politically DIY as opposed to the ‘business model’ of DIY ((which is a tragic irony to be honest,,,)) anyway),that said, its really nice to hear responses to our music from a very respected songwriter and presenter… he said:

“…Live, they’re riveting. I̲’̲v̲e̲ ̲n̲e̲v̲e̲r̲ ̲s̲e̲e̲n̲ ̲s̲o̲m̲e̲b̲o̲d̲y̲ ̲w̲i̲t̲h̲ ̲t̲h̲a̲t̲ ̲k̲i̲n̲d̲ ̲o̲f̲ ̲c̲o̲n̲t̲r̲o̲l̲ ̲a̲n̲d̲ ̲p̲o̲w̲e̲r̲… if you get a chance to see the Hysterical Injury, here is why you ought to go.”

He played the remix of ‘Cycle One’ by Palimpsest (a dear friend of mine now living in Norway) which I still prefer to our own original song! Its full of crunch and better section flow! I love the ever developing nature of music… I think we’ll play it like this next time!

Bye! Annie xx

Pics of HI at Secret Saturday’s taken by Andrew Hayes of School Boy’s Death Trio and Run Logan Run.

BUzz buzz…. Tom Robinson, Steve Lamacq and see you in May!

zzzz craaaa rrruummblee… excitment! Me n Tom are still buzzing from the weekend of BBC6 Music Festival in Bristol. We weren’t expecting it to be quite so rammed and vibrant! Huge thanks to everyone who came to see us. Huge thanks to Nick Meadows at Start the Bus and Adam Burrows at 24/7 Bristol for thinking of us to play! There are some cool photos of all the acts that played The Fleece that day here.
We are going to finish writing our next album now and don’t play again till May 1st at Moles Club in Bath (Apart from a Secret Saturday’s in March but all the spaces are gone sorry!). We are aiming to have a new set for you in May (and as i type this I am also telling myself that this is GONNA HAPPEN!)!

So, we met Tom Robinson of the ‘Fresh on the Net’ show at 6 Music who is a total legend… here are some pics he posted on Instagram…. He particularly enjoyed Tom’s faces – this I miss out on as i have my back to him most of the time… if I saw him, no doubt I would piss my pants laughing and destroy the erm herm… ‘moment’?!

Also, Steve Lamacq played our track Under Milk Wood on BBC 6 Music on his 6 Music Recommends show on Friday, which was a nice surprise to find this morning! I was quite excited about this because Steve had us as one of his faves ages, so its nice that he played us again. YOu can listen here (we at 46mins but all of the show is cool).

I probably forgot something,,,, but I will post again…

Bristol — OLD England, Start the Bus and The Fleece…

Hi! We are working on a new release and we’re planning on hibernating on it till Summertime, but there are a couple of gigs we have to play…

See us at Old England, Bristol with our good friends Olanza and Dirty on the 29th Jan

We are also playing the BBC6 Music Festival in Bristol…twice!
First at Start The Bus at 10pm
We play with Dynamite Pussy Club and Harpoon
The Fleece with 24/7 magazine and BBC Introducing in the West at 3.30pm
With some great bands; Jemima Surrender, Candy Darling, SJ Esau, St Pierre Snake Invasion, Lionface, Kayla Painter, Katapulto, Dead Astronaut.
Thanks Adam from Big Joan for recommending us.

See you there!

In other news…

I have been working on recording other artists and a few have their releases out now…

‘Sinister World Music’ by Bellies! Progressive-punk duo pack some expert and exciting songwriting into less than a minute and a half every time. Joined by improvisation legend Maggie Nichols on one track, this is the third album by Bellies and the third I have done with them! A true love affair!

‘October’ by Circes Diner. This lot have to be the happiest band alive, this mini album is potent with four kindred spirits playing pop shanties all the way to the beach and beyond. What a pleasure it was to work with them on this!

‘Committee XIV’ by Fairhorns. This is the fifth album from the moniker of “Fairhorns” the brainchild by the every inspiring Matt Loveridge. This is the fifth record of Matt’s I have been involved with; ‘Medici’ by Fairhorns (recorded, mixed, mastered), ‘Palazo di Sole’ by MXLX (recorded, mixed and mastered), ‘^__^’ by MXLX (singing), ‘Fuckup Rush’ by Fairhorns (Mastered) and I am currently mixing the new Knife Liibrary recording. The record comes with a handmade LTD zine explaining the mythology behind the many faces of Matt. Recommended!

‘Never Let Me Down Again’ by The Penelopes. This was released just before Christmas by the French electronic shoegaze duo, a cover of the Depeche Mode classic, I really loved singing this with Axel. I play bass and sing for their live shows and have did both the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards and the Stand For Something Dr Marten tour both in Paris this year. It’s a free download so get it here.

Tom is working on a series of video lessons for drumming, and it looks pretty smart and funny! Get a load of his taster and sign up!

By for now… the Gardiner siblings.

New track ‘Crystal’ and up-coming shows…

We have been hiding away mostly this year after our ‘Blood Burst’ EP launch back in March. We have done the odd show – ArcTangent Festival Warm-Up Party, BBC Introducing Stage at ArcTangent with MXLX live improv, Killing Moon night with our friends ANTA for the first show in Bath in 2 years, Secret Saturdays in a very sweaty airless room at 12noon followed by at set at this years LaDIYfest Bristol,,,to name a few. Let me tell you, we wrote most of an album… We just played for a bit and it all started happening. So, this new track ‘Crystal’ will be on it once we have started to shape it for recording. In the mean time we are playing these shows:

Power Lunches, London 24th October with Cat, Bear, Tree (EP launch party)
Leftbank, Bristol with Schoolboy Death Trio for Halloween 31st, October.
Totality at Surrey Vaults, Bristol 28th November.
Roll for the Soul, Bristol with Cool Knife and special guests 15th Dec.

New release ‘Blood Burst’ EP is out today!

Twinned with ‘International Happiness Day’ and the Solar Eclipse, we thought this was a great day to release a record! So, you can order a lovely CD book (example below) if you would like an actual thing in your hand, or you can simply download. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Here are a couple of press bites…

“While the question, “How does she make that sound out of a bass?” remains as relevant today as it was in 2010; there’s layered integrity to “Blood on the Daisy” and an aptitude for an up/down tempo on “Woken with a Warning” that previously wasn’t there”
Tiffany Daniels, Drunken Werewolf

“A line is trod with skill between the dada-esque and the intense, with particular respect to Annie Gardiner’s transmuting vocal. There are times when you find yourself listening to the notes she’s not singing, not resolving to, as you would jazz or something much more orchestrated indeed.”
– Loki, Bristol Live Mag

“Imagine Hole to be a giant robot suit…that’s been taken for a joy ride by a couple of kids who’ve re-wired the mainframe for covert operations in a psychedelic valley. Oh, and they’ve dropped some peyote to celebrate.’Clark Kent a.k.a John Clay