Upcoming gigs and other adventures in Injured sound

Places we’re playing before October…

Friday August 5th – Leeds – Milo’s Bar – (buy tickets)
Friday August 12th – Melksham – Parson’s Nose – (poster above!)
Saturday August 20th – Cardiff – The Promised Land (facebook event)
Sunday September 11th – Bristol – The Croft with Screaming Females (buy tickets)

We’re looking for people to take charge of our merch for us at each of these events – because you can now get things like a Hysterical Injury t-shirt… (what, don’t you have yours yet…?) If you think you might like to do it, and you can get to any of these events easily, email us at hystericalinjury@gmail.com – it gets you in free!

In other news, Annie’s been busy with vocals all over the place… Gallops (who we love) have recorded a version of Pink Floyd’s ‘Speak to Me’ using vocals specially recorded by Annie… more details on this when we have it – and also on ‘Liberation Is A Dark Place We Call Home’ which Annie recorded with electronic warlock Kaye Makes Noise.

And, we haven’t mentioned here yet about Schemata Humdrum! This is the first track for a new project Annie’s working on called ‘Excellent Birds’; and it was recorded for issue 14 of Attack!!!! magazine (you can order the paper part of the magazine on that link). Schemata Humdrum got its first national play on Tom Robinson’s ‘Fresh on the Net’ show last week – we were really pleased with how it sounded there, and we’re hoping it’ll be on his podcast soon too… we’ll link that up when the time comes, but meanwhile you can hear it here (it’s a free download!):

Finally we’d like to say thanks to Adam Walton for his kind words (“brilliant”) about our version of Constant Craving on BBC Wales last month. The gig in Cardiff on 2oth August is our first in Wales for absolutely ages… hope to see lots of you there!


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