Thought Forms and The Parson’s Nose

HI have played some fucking weird gigs, the last one in Leeds was pretty bizarre, Milo is like a tug boat’s engine room – tiny, metal plated and so hot you really do loose weight playing it – probably no bad thing in my case, got to stop eating chips and cake, man. I like to think we may turn a corner one day but we couldn’t resist playing a place called The Parsons Nose in Melksham – not least because it would be with our true loves, supa fuzz balls, Thought Forms. Ok, so here is the crap about lying in a bath of electricity while you submerge, letting your hearing turn to signal and vision turn to blur, they do that and they do it really well and at no point is a reference to a Bath and electricity cause for electrocution… although sometimes I may like that too. But for now I am sticking to sonic drugs. Tangent: apologies. But when it comes to being immersed in fuzz and how sonic spikes when happening very fast can stoke the inner cochlea, Thought Forms have earned the teeshirt, cut it up, remade it and worn it all over again, better, better, better. Cos that’s what all the good bands do, isn’t it? Make it all better.

Enough talk. Go and see them if you can, and with us too tomorrow Friday the 12th August at the Parson’s Nose – yes really – in Melksham, Wiltshire – yes really!

– A


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