Pink Screaming Gallops found my MOJO

One day at the beginning of July, this year, 2011, as I was Twittering I found a Tweet from Gallops – the fab math-synth post-rock, sound a bit like the Tron soundtrack (the original one) or a rock Kraftwerk (not early, but if, you know like, they did like a lyric-less version of ‘Model’ with a drummer – and the Gallops drumming is SHUCKING AMAZING) – it went like this; ‘Looking for messed-up spoken word samples for the project, if anyone wants to submit any to us that would be great! The more the merrier…’

So, they told me it was a Pink Floyd cover version of ‘Speak To Me’ the opening track on the Floyd’s Dark Side of the Moon album – the kind of short interlude with the…’I’ve been mad for fucking years now…’ sample. So I did a kind of thought spill of that sample, chopped it together and sent it to Gallops. You can hear our version on the CD cover-mount of MOJO magazine this month along with some other very good cover versions notably Our Broken Garden who did ‘Breathe’, Wolf People who did ‘Time’ and Beak> who did ‘Welcome to the Machine’ – there are some Wish You Were Here covers on the CD too. (Just to say love to Gallops x)

Also, we’re among the cream of Bristol’s girls-in-bands bands at The Croft on the night of Sunday, 11th September in support of New Jersey’s Screaming Females. Our friends Bellies! are playing too – Bellies are Debbie of Drunk Granny, author of ‘Adventures in Kate Bush and Theory’ and curator of Sistershow Revisited – that was on during May in Bristol this year – and Natalie Jennifer Brown (known best as bassist / vocalist Local Kid’s disrupt-u-pop wonders The Jelas). The Jelas, incidentally, are excitement on legs live, if you allow yourself to be caught by jigsaw pop guitar skronk runaway bass and monologue vocal melodies, which we do.

Screaming Females’ track ‘Wild’ has a great video of the band playing cardboard instruments with a kind of David Hockney patched visual look.

Anyway, they are over on a European tour and should be seen in Bristol with us.

– Annie


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