Our first album finally for release!

We are SOOOO excited to announce that our first album is finally ready for release! Well, almost! Dead Wolf Situation will be out on Crystal Fuzz on the 6th february 2012. It is interesting listening to our music back in this way…these songs together make a potent mix of heady topics surrounding sex, rebellion, disbelief and claustrophobia. We will be making a short run of beautiful hand made art works to go with the first run of Cd’s which you will be able to get from here or at our shows. The songs will also be available form all the digital download stores. We are planning a UK tour in February to promote the album.

By way of a preview, you can already download ‘Maths’, a track from the album, for free right here (click the little arrow at the right hand side of the player) –

You can next see us play at Strummerville HQ, London on Saturday 26th November, and then again in Bath at Green Park Tavern on the 10th December with Big Naturals and ANTA.


One thought on “Our first album finally for release!

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