Interview with Annie on Amazing Radio, Friday 15/12/11

Maths‘ has been Record of the Week on Chris Martin’s Amazing Radio show all week this week.

As well as plays through the week, the show recorded an interview with Annie which went out this morning. We particularly enjoyed hearing Chris talk about finding Annette Barlow’s ‘Obsessional Confessional’ blog on The Girls Are on Tuesday, and expressing an affinity with the “lust and fervour” Hysterical Injury inspire… glad to have you among those affected, Chris!

Here’s the ‘Spotlight on Hysterical Injury’ feature from the show, in which Annie talked about the band, about Maths, and what’s coming up soon – we’ll post the show as a whole when the player becomes available.

Thanks to everyone who’s been promoting ‘Maths’, the forthcoming Dead Wolf Situation release, and other HI tunes recently – it’s all greatly appreciated and we’ll do a round-up soon. Anyone who hasn’t downloaded it yet – what are you waiting for? It’s free!


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