THREE “tips” in 2 shows on 6music… thank you Tom Robinson and friends!

Anglo-Saxon Wolf Hunt

“The Anglo Saxon Chronicle states that the month of January was known as “Wulf manoth”, as this was the first full month of wolf hunting…”

In the last couple of days Tom Robinson hosted two shows on BBC 6 Music, previewing the musical landscape of 2012 and asking bloggers, special guests and his audience for their ones to watch in the coming year.

We are gratified, humbled and delighted to have found Hysterical Injury named in both of Tom’s shows, independently of each other by three of his invited guests – Ruth Barnes of The Other Woman and Amazing Radio, Tiffany Daniels of Drunken Werewolf, and Jon Sidwell of Music Liberation.

Click to read the bloggers’ comments (and about the other bands’ named) on the images below:

Now Playing show – words on HI from Drunken Werewolf and Music Liberation:

Listen to the Now Playing show (until Thursday 5th February)

Tom Robinson Introducing show – tips from Huw Stephens, Bethan Elfyn, Ruth Barnes and Bobby Friction:
Huw Stephens, Bethan Elfyn, Ruth Barnes and Bobby Frictions' 2012 tips to Tom Robinson
Listen to the Tom Robinson Introducing show (until Saturday 7th January)

This is a lovely start to the New Year and so good to know we have support like this going forwards towards the release of Dead Wolf Situation on 6th February and the live shows that will come with it.

Speaking of live shows, our Green Park Tavern gig with run/WALK and Big Joan features in The Girls Are’s round up of the year here. Ngaire Ruth called it “a mind-blowing occasion”. We’ll be back at GPT for Dead Wolf Situation’s official live launch on February 11th, proudly presenting She Makes War, Thought Forms and Klad Hest in support.

One last thing we haven’t mentioned on the blog yet – Annie recorded ‘The Third Man’ (a song about the film) for Gill Mills’ Christmas show on Amazing Radio. This is an Annie solo track rather than a Hysterical Injury track but we’ve been really pleased by the positive response it’s had – you can download your copy from window 18 of the Madvent Chokalendar! Happy New Year one and all!


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