Bands we’re playing with on tour #1: The Broken Seas

The warm-up gig for our Dead Wolf Situation Tour is February 4th, at Olives in Norwich, with The Broken Seas and DIY DJs.

We know The Broken Seas through Fliss Kitson of Violet Violet, who played with Hysterical Injury at The Mother’s Ruin way back in the distant days of 2009. What they said about us later (“Hysterical Injury were on after us and were AMAZING”) has been one of our favourite live quotes ever since (and they weren’t bad either!). Fliss drummed for them and now drums in the Broken Seas.

Check out Violet Violet’s Maida Vale session for BBC Introducing here.

The event is hosted by the DIY Hammer show, coincidentally (of course!) hosted by Fliss’s Violet Violet bandmate, Cheri Amour. It’s a great show, check out a recent episode here:

And finally here’s the poster for the gig itself:

Click it to get to the event’s page on Facebook, where you can invite your friends.

We are really looking forward to seeing The Broken Seas! More about
bands Hysterical Injury will be playing with on tour to follow…


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