Bands and artists we’re playing with on tour #2: Klad Hest

Klad Hest is one of a number of new guises for the musical entity formerly known as Team Brick. There’s a great interview with the man behind it all – Matt Loveridge – on the ‘Bang the Bore’ website here, which explores what happened to Team Brick (the headline on the Myspace page now just reads ‘finished’), why Matt is now playing under all these different names, and what you can expect from each of them at this moment. We’re delighted that Klad Hest will be joining us for our official album launch party at Green Park Tavern on Saturday, February 11th. It’s a free gig (there’ll be buckets out for donations to the bands – but save a bit to buy the album!) and Klad Hest is one of three other acts joining us on the bill.

Matt is also known for his collaborations with Geoff Barrow of Portishead in the group Beak>.

As for Klad Hest, in that interview Matt describes this ‘splinter’ of Team Brick as “Adventures in a fucking midi grid… World of dancing, large beats and ultramelodic lines FOREVER”. It sounds like this:

Vin Avenni Garan

and looks like this:

and here’s our poster. Click on it to get to the Facebook event where you can invite your friends (it’s FREE!)


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