We are donating our album for National Libraries Day

Saturday 4th February, the first day of our debut album launch tour for Dead Wolf Situation, is also National Libraries Day. To mark the day we are donating a copy of Dead Wolf Situation to every public library branch in the Bath authority.

This is our small gesture in support of National Libraries Day, and in support of libraries in general, at a time when over 400 public libraries are under threat of closure across the UK.

We also hope that it will help to draw attention to libraries as a vital part of contemporary culture, where music like ours can be discovered, as well as the classics that people might sometimes more readily associate with them.

The library branches in the Bath and North East Somerset authority are –

Bath Central
Midsomer Norton
Moorland Road

We’ll have copies to the authority as soon as possible after its release on February 6th – allow a bit of time for them to process them, and then Dead Wolf Situation should be available for loan across the area. It will also be possible to reserve the album from any branches in Bristol, Somerset, North Somerset and South Gloucestershire that don’t have one.

We are grateful to representatives of Bath and North East Somerset Council for confirming they will be able to accept this gift.


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