Bands and artists we’re playing with on tour #s 4 & 5: She Makes War and Lilies on Mars

See also: The Broken Seas, Klad Hest, Thought Forms

Apologies for an almost perfunctorily quick update on these amazing artists but we’re short on time because the London leg of our Dead Wolf Situation tour is upon us!

We were really proud to present gloom-pop solo multi-instrumentalist She Makes War at our official album launch in Bath on Saturday and you can read two amazing reviews of Laura herself and the whole event here and here.

Tonight we’re at Brixton Windmill and @warriorgrrl is with us again, launching her brand new single “In This Boat“.

Here is the beautiful, languid video for her beautiful, languid song Slow Puncture:

Lilies on Mars are also joining us which is very exciting too as we’ve only been able to admire their woozy, whimsical, warped music from afar until now.

Here is the video for ‘Aquarium’s Key’ from their current album ‘Wish You Were a Pony‘:

Doors open at Brixton Windmill tonight from 8pm, don’t be late!


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