Bands and artists we’re playing with on tour #6: Jemma Roper

The fabulous Jemma Roper joins us tonight at 10 Feet Tall in Cardiff for the latest date on our Dead Wolf Situation tour (DWS is album of the week on Tidal Wave of Indifference as of today, by the way! Woop woop!).

If you don’t know Jemma already, and can make the gig but aren’t quite sure whether it’s worth turning up early yet, consider the thoughts of Radio Wales’ new music presenter Adam Walton, applied to her in her former band the amazing Sammo Hung as follows:

“…a singer who treats her vocals like blocks of potassium dropped into toilet bowls. She has the self-effacing wit and unprepossessing genius of Caroline Aherne; the fearsome originality of Dorothy Parker; the lacerating delivery of a razor-edged boomerang and the insouciant style of this generation’s Debbie Harry. Except that she would hate all of those comparisons. Jemma is just Jemma, but in the same way that stars are just stars; vodka and cranberry juice is just a drink; T.S. Eliot just a poet; I’m just a D.J… I’m sure you get my point.”

We’re sure you do. Doors open at 9.


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