Tunnels, Bristol, Bellies!, The Knife and Us – It’s not what you think…

We have been busy writing new material since out Dead Wolf Situation album launch tour. We came home rather exhausted at having to play at 1am for hours at our speed and volume! Our next show is at The Tunnels under Temple Meads train station in Bristol City on the 5th of April for 5 sterling. On the bill are Drunken Butterfly (I do hope they ARE named after the Sonic Youth song – will have to ask them), Crash Paris, Personal Best and very good friends of ours Bellies! Please check ’em all out, I cant wait for this show cos a bill like this means loads of dancing happiness and we LOVES that!

Oh, and The Knife thing? It’s just we adore them – and it’s not just a bro/sis thang – bask in some of their beauty here: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=r2CpcLvc90M&feature=relatedImage




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