Critical Mass

A long-overdue round-up of Dead Wolf Situation album reviews. We’re bound to have missed something, comment with a link if you’ve seen a write-up not included here.


“Those previously unaware of Hysterical Injury will quite literally be kicking themselves. Hypnotic, menacing and above all enchanting, [Dead Wolf Situation] is a bitter-sweet wake up call for all first-time bands in 2012.” – Tiffany Daniels,
The Line of Best Fit

“…accelerated noise rock with a voice as sweet as sugar…demonic distortion crossing unlikely paths with angelic vocals… with each repeated listen, the songs etch their way into your brain.” – Joe Woolmer, Artrocker

“…the ‘Dead Wolf Situation’ experience leaves you feeling part exhausted, part overwhelmed, part enlightened, but in the end wholly satisfied and entirely captivated. As debut albums go it certainly sets the bar high…” – Jon Sidwell, Music Liberation

“12 tracks of palpable urgency, of pop as pure as it is brutal – think The Chiffons’ catalogue reworked for steam hammer – and of clear-eyed lyrical righteousness. A debut to be dazzled by.” – Julien Owen, Venue

“Quite an introduction” – Tidal Wave of Indifference Album of the Week

“A stunning debut and a giant leap forward for the band” –  GoldFlakePaint

“It’s experimental and effortlessly cool, brash and noisy, but considered and precise. They’re going to go a long way, and 2012’s definitely the year to get hysterical.” – Alice Slater, Drunken Werewolf

“The range of sounds and expressions created across these dozen songs – particularly with the guitars – is remarkable and almost viscerally striking” – Wears the Trousers

“Things of beastly beauty” – Ngaire Ruth, The Girls Are

“An unbelievable racket… immensely addictive…” – God Is In The TV

“Pretty bloody good” – PushBlog

“British rock has been comatose for years, and The Hysterical Injury are one of the few bands around that sound capable of waking it.” – Blood Red Sounds

“Is their music giving me something to smile about? Hell fuckin’ YES! The music they make is hard-edged like a street brawlers’ brass knuckles, so be careful where you point the songs coming out of your speakers” – Mitten Mouth Music

“Meaty and tense” – Keep Pop Loud

“A toboggan ride to hell… and what better way to go?” – Audio Apocalypse

“This is already one of the albums of 2012” – Kill Yr Idols

“Brain melting” – Live-Music-Scene

“…a terrific album, blasting onto the scene with a great concept, remarkable skills, and unflagging intelligence. It is an amazing first album” – Listomania

“Diablement addictive” – Jazz, Blues & Co [France]

“Ein großes Ding, ein riesiges. Irgendwie stehen sie einfach drüber. Wow.” – Guteshoerenistwichtig [Germany]

Maths single reviews:

“An uncompromising concoction of super charged energy” – Just Music That I Like

“Raucous and beautiful, Hysterical Injury’s stunning track ‘Maths’ is our Track of the Week.” – Glasgow PodcART

Recent interviews and features:

Tidal Wave of Indifference
Bearded Magazine
Neon Filler
ISOLA Collective 

Dead Wolf Situation is available to buy now, as a CD or a download package, from our Bandcamp and all major download stores.


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