Cycle One now out: brand new video, ‘Vex’ remix, reaction so far…

As you may be aware by now, the second single from Dead Wolf Situation, ‘Cycle One’, was released Monday.

The video, made under the watchful eye of Jamie Worsfold of Pinhole Media, was produced in a special performance at Bristol’s The Croft on 12th May 2012. All of the footage in the video was captured by the people surrounding the band with phones and tablets, who of course you’ll see in nearly every shot filming from other angles. It’s a testament to Jamie’s imagination and editing skills… and to what you can do with a mobile phone these days:

Considering this all came together very quickly in the end – and we only gave ourselves about a week to get the word out about it – the response so far has been amazing. It opened Ruth BarnesAmazing Radio show on Sunday – rewind here – she said ‘Annie and Tom are sounding better and tighter than ever on this one‘. Louder than War couldn’t resist helping spread the word about the ‘great new video‘. Tom Robinson and his Fresh on the Net team listed it on their ‘Fresh Faves‘ speaking of a ‘huge and splendid noise’. Goldflakepaint plugged it with mention of the ‘rather brilliant‘ album, Mitten Mouth Music called it a ‘smashing good time‘ (!), Audio Apocalypse heralded ‘a frantic and heavy ode to hard-won independence‘, and most recently (this afternoon) Just Music that I Like declared it ‘an unstoppable juggernaut of rip-roaring energy‘. We like that.

If these people have seen it and seen fit to tell the world, and you haven’t yet, it’s your turn.

We’re just as proud of the b-sides, and especially of Antoni Maiovvi’s ‘Vex’ Disco-Dub Mix, which earned us a “pretty full-on indeed” from Mark Ryan’s Amazing Beats show and has already generated an unofficial video of its own:

The third track is ‘The Third Man’, Annie’s solo take on the film. The whole package is available now, here:

If you like anything you’ve seen on the page, click like on it, leave comments, and most importantly tell your friends… we don’t come with a big marketing budget behind us and we rely on people who like what we do to get the word out. We’re very excited by what’s been happening this week and look forward to bringing it all live to Dot to Dot at the weekend! Use our discount ticket link here if you’re buying… link expires 5pm Friday!


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