For Whatever Reason..(Access)

Hysterical Injury were proud to be part of a fantastic music line-up for Bristol Ladyfest yesterday, our third Ladyfest to date and a wonderful day altogether. It was also great to share a stage with She Makes War again who we first met at Ladyfest 10 in London. Other highlights for us included The Horn the Hunt and Rita Lynch – but it would almost be possible to name every band that played. The Bristol folk set were in full force, too, and sublime.

Ladyfest continues today with exhibitions, workshops and more. Annie has made an installation for the event which speaks for itself, titled ‘For Whatever Reason..(Access)’. The artwork consists of copies of NME magazine from 1989 to 2008 – the piles, as pictured here, are divided according to the visual representations of artists on each cover, as follows:

Leftmost column – female only
Second column – male only
Third column – both male and female
Rightmost column – none

Copies of NME from 1989 to 2008 were donated by Luke Smyth of Ulysses


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