Icebreak video and b-sides

The ‘Icebreak’ video – another Hysterical Injury clip from the brilliant Jamie Worsfold of Pinhole Media – is out now. We’re grateful to Amazing Radio for hosting its premiere on their website. Check it out here and please favourite, comment and most importantly share it if you like it!

The download package for ‘Icebreak’ comes with two exclusive tracks – ‘A Bitchin’ Tone’, which is a remix of ‘Into the Cabin’ by Klad Hest (the Artist formerly known as Team Brick, now also known for Fairhorns, Beak> and much besides); and Annie’s solo performance of Cycle One on baritone guitar recorded at her Artscare podcast session.

You can buy the download package or tracks individually from our Bandcamp, or Amazing Tunes, or your download retailer of choice.

Dates coming up: we are really excited about…

LaDIYfest Sheffield (Saturday 3rd November)
Headlining upstairs at The Garage, London (Thursday 8th November)
tickets (cheaper in advance!)


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