Rosetta’s Waves free download on 22nd December

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Hysterical Injury – Rosetta’s Waves
Free Download
Available FREE for 24 hours only on Saturday, 22nd December 2012
(Crystal Fuzz Records)

“The album highlight” – Wears the Trousers

On Saturday 22nd December – either in celebration of surviving the Earth’s cataclysmic collision with the planet Nibiru the day before, or in the spirit of the season, or simply because we feel like it – Hysterical Injury will be making the Dead Wolf Situation track ‘Rosetta’s Waves’ available for free download for all, for one day only.

‘Rosetta’s Waves’ is a tribute to Sister Rosetta Tharpe, the woman who sang the first music ever to be called ‘Rock and Roll’ in 1942, and who is so credited – if in too few places, still – with inspiring Chuck Berry, Jerry Lee Lewis, Little Richard, Elvis Presley, and ultimately all modern music.

HI’s lead vocalist, bassist and songwriter Annie Gardiner has mentioned the track in interview with GoldFlakePaint and ISOLA Collective earlier this year:

“Rosetta’s Waves is inspired by the Gospel/Blues guitarist star from the 1940s and 50s, Sister Rosetta Tharpe. I was really moved; learning about her and her story, and it got me thinking about what a load of shit we are sold in rock and roll mythology. She is barely remembered and yet people like BB King, Muddy Waters, Duke Ellington all name-checked her as their influence. It is just not what it seems at all and I think the focus is so skewed away from the music, I mean any dick can go out and get fucked up and shag their weekend away or whatever… it’s just like breathing for me, I am so much more interested in people and things that push the obvious out, put their necks on the line, like Sister Rosetta, Lightning Bolt, Sonic Youth… you know… people bang on about rockers being all close to the edge cos they wobbled about and threw up on a doorman or something, shoot heroin from the toilet, any fucker can do that really, go and read Lydia Lunch to get the real deal, it isn’t pretty but she writes about the real savage human beast that she has experienced, turned into something good, thrilling, but don’t tell me that mainstream antics are interesting just because it’s in a musical context, makes me fucking yawn. And what’s more is people like Sister Rosetta get dwarfed by shit like that?!?! WTF??” – Annie talking to GoldFlakePaint

“My personal favourite track on it is Rosetta’s Waves because I like its otherworldly ness. When I was writing it I wanted to write about what I had understood from Sister Rosetta Tharpe’s story – she was a huge blues, gospel singer/guitarist in 50s America who is greatly overlooked but was always name checked by the greats (Chuck Berry, Muddy Waters etc) I found this curious that we could be nearly 50 years away from the advent of the Rolling Stones, know everything about who Keith Richard’s name checked but virtually nothing about who Chuck Berry is. You know the weirdness of culture and mythology etc. Anyway, the melody was of awkward interest to me because it kind of sounds like I am beamed in from Mother Earth or something! I liked that! haha!” – Annie talking to ISOLA Collective

The track can be streamed and embedded from Soundcloud, Bandcamp and Amazing Tunes now – all of these links will switch to free download for 24 hours on Saturday 22nd December. Go ahead and share it now!


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