Emergency Absolution

A couple of months back, during the seemingly Narnian winter (is it over yet?), we put one of our earliest tracks up on our Soundcloud. It was a snowy day. ‘This is for anyone who didn’t get snow and wanted it’, we said. It was just a little aside. A few people shared it and commented (thank you all). Then we forgot all about it.

‘Snow’ was recorded back when Lee Stone was on drums, and is still one of our favourites to play live.

Fast forward to the present and the Injury seems to have acquired some supporters at the energetically enthusiastic Emerging Icons site. They find ‘Snow’ sitting at the top of our Soundcloud page… ask us to send it over for their purposes… and the next thing you know, it’s pick of the week on Pete Donaldson’s Absolute Radio show.

Which is nice.

You can read an exclusive interview with Annie, a fabulous review of the band, and hear ‘Snow’ being introduced to the nation in Pete Donaldson’s beautiful North-East accent… (which makes it sound very much like ‘Snore’…) right here:

Insanely good… you really won’t have encountered a band quite like this before…”


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