So we’re a band that smiles… and gigs announced!

Hi summer 2014

Found a picture where we are smiling, thought it would either make you want to hit us or make you laugh…either way, its us and makes a change from resident band facial expressions. And these are our next shows.

26th July Hilters Fruit Farm, Gloucestershire with Gonga, Big Joan, Pohl, Drone Soul and more.
31st July Wharf Chambers, Leeds Bomb The Twist presents…with Nina and Acre Tarn £5/£7
2 -3rd August Eclectica Festival, Kraak Gallery, Manchester with Jessica Hoop, Esper Scout, Factory Acts and loads more. We are playing on the 3rd but Annie is hosting a panel discussion about the Music Industry on the 2nd come along!
6 th September – Riba Rocks Festival nr Barcelona, Spain.

Come and find us on FACEBOOK where there are posts every few days with tickets, and up to date information… or on Twitter, where there is gossip, splurges and nonsense.

Please check out Film maker and music video director Graeme Maguire’s latest short film ‘Gentlemen’. I made the soundtrack (Annie), poet Marcus Slease made the words, it stars Rick Hambleton, Natalie Jennifer Brown [The Jelas] and Mo Habibidibibiti with assistant director Sarah Maguire and filmed at The Cube in Bristol.


More gigs to be announced soon 🙂 x Annie


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