SOCIAL SKILLS release CASSETTE on Crystal Fuzz! {annie on bass}…

Goldie with social skills1

Hi everyone! Last year my dear friend Debi Withers from Drunk Granny and Bellies! asked me if I wanted to join her, Alice Hyde and Bea Farley in making some music. The premise was to just see what happened. We surprised ourselves, and if we didn’t, we made sure we did eventually! Crystal Fuzz, my tiny label, has put out a cassette of the fun we had for 6 months. It is called ‘Feb-July 2013’. The cassette and the digital downloads are a document/artefact of that time. A musical imprint of the chemistry we had. In the true spirit of punk, post punk, it aint meant to slip passed your ears like liquid mercury, it’ll challenge you. In the words of the mighty Minutemen ‘This aint no picnic’. We made it cos we wanted to. Listen to a moment captured. Do check it out… cat’s like it I hear…


Thanks for your support as always!

Annie xx


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