New release ‘Blood Burst’ EP is out today!

Twinned with ‘International Happiness Day’ and the Solar Eclipse, we thought this was a great day to release a record! So, you can order a lovely CD book (example below) if you would like an actual thing in your hand, or you can simply download. >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>


Here are a couple of press bites…

“While the question, “How does she make that sound out of a bass?” remains as relevant today as it was in 2010; there’s layered integrity to “Blood on the Daisy” and an aptitude for an up/down tempo on “Woken with a Warning” that previously wasn’t there”
Tiffany Daniels, Drunken Werewolf

“A line is trod with skill between the dada-esque and the intense, with particular respect to Annie Gardiner’s transmuting vocal. There are times when you find yourself listening to the notes she’s not singing, not resolving to, as you would jazz or something much more orchestrated indeed.”
– Loki, Bristol Live Mag

“Imagine Hole to be a giant robot suit…that’s been taken for a joy ride by a couple of kids who’ve re-wired the mainframe for covert operations in a psychedelic valley. Oh, and they’ve dropped some peyote to celebrate.’Clark Kent a.k.a John Clay




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