Bristol — OLD England, Start the Bus and The Fleece…

Hi! We are working on a new release and we’re planning on hibernating on it till Summertime, but there are a couple of gigs we have to play…

See us at Old England, Bristol with our good friends Olanza and Dirty on the 29th Jan

We are also playing the BBC6 Music Festival in Bristol…twice!
First at Start The Bus at 10pm
We play with Dynamite Pussy Club and Harpoon
The Fleece with 24/7 magazine and BBC Introducing in the West at 3.30pm
With some great bands; Jemima Surrender, Candy Darling, SJ Esau, St Pierre Snake Invasion, Lionface, Kayla Painter, Katapulto, Dead Astronaut.
Thanks Adam from Big Joan for recommending us.

See you there!

In other news…

I have been working on recording other artists and a few have their releases out now…

‘Sinister World Music’ by Bellies! Progressive-punk duo pack some expert and exciting songwriting into less than a minute and a half every time. Joined by improvisation legend Maggie Nichols on one track, this is the third album by Bellies and the third I have done with them! A true love affair!

‘October’ by Circes Diner. This lot have to be the happiest band alive, this mini album is potent with four kindred spirits playing pop shanties all the way to the beach and beyond. What a pleasure it was to work with them on this!

‘Committee XIV’ by Fairhorns. This is the fifth album from the moniker of “Fairhorns” the brainchild by the every inspiring Matt Loveridge. This is the fifth record of Matt’s I have been involved with; ‘Medici’ by Fairhorns (recorded, mixed, mastered), ‘Palazo di Sole’ by MXLX (recorded, mixed and mastered), ‘^__^’ by MXLX (singing), ‘Fuckup Rush’ by Fairhorns (Mastered) and I am currently mixing the new Knife Liibrary recording. The record comes with a handmade LTD zine explaining the mythology behind the many faces of Matt. Recommended!

‘Never Let Me Down Again’ by The Penelopes. This was released just before Christmas by the French electronic shoegaze duo, a cover of the Depeche Mode classic, I really loved singing this with Axel. I play bass and sing for their live shows and have did both the Qwartz Electronic Music Awards and the Stand For Something Dr Marten tour both in Paris this year. It’s a free download so get it here.

Tom is working on a series of video lessons for drumming, and it looks pretty smart and funny! Get a load of his taster and sign up!

By for now… the Gardiner siblings.


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