‘Days of Our Youth’ – A compilation of Delta 5 covers (with Annie G on there) GREEN CASSETTE RELEASE. .


Last September my friend’s Sarah and Reb of the brilliant Leeds band Esper Scout mentioned that they were putting together a compilation of Delta 5 (also a Brilliant Leeds band) covers to raise funds for their friend and supporter Kelvin Knight, drummer of said band. Sadly, Kelvin passed away before this compilation was released, but he had heard it and is said to have loved it and so will you!

I chose to do Delta 5’s ‘Powerlines’ as I absolutely LOVED the vocals in it especially the middle 8 where it goes ‘I should seen it coming, i never stood a chance, cos the voice is you’. I just loved that phrase ‘cos the voice is you’… so many times you can ignore the voice inside you because people convince you, you aren’t good enough, or that you are beneath them, or they want all your attention for whatever reason and will manipulate you in all kinds of ways to get it. And inside that voice knows that its all crap and if you pay attention you can miss out some unnecessary time wasting in life. I feel like this is a perpetual lesson of mine and immediately emotionally connected with the song. The reason Tom doesn’t feature on it, is because we couldn’t afford the studio time to get his kit recorded. I just programmed the drums, played two bass lines, guitar and sung. My favourite bit in the end was coming up with the extended random piano parts… I just threw it to chance, some bits are played some are drawn with the pencil tool in Logic, just randomly sprinkling notes about the place. I could probably do a better mix but all in all, I am happy with it and proud to be a part of this tasty compilation and its beautiful sentiment.

I first met Sarah and Reb and Kirsty and Abbi at a festival we both played at a couple of years ago. We played a few shows again with them in Leeds and then Wakefield as part of the Long Division festival where good friend and co- Bomb the Twist label owner Toni Lines had organised a stage. In Leeds we supported them on their excellent 7inch ‘Belay’ release party at the Brudenell Social Club. The day after we all went off to this massive pound shop mission with Kirsty’s mum where I randomly found a DVD of Gustav Metzger amongst piles of loom bands and replacement TV remotes (for all makes of telly)! We also had a killer breakfast that morning cooked by Kirsty and her mum, when it came to me and Tom leaving we felt like we’d made some great friends as said to each other, we got to get them to do our album (as it was planned to be then) gigs with us. When we released our EP ‘Blood Burst’ last year, Esper Scout joined us on our party tour, which we did in Bristol, London and Sheffield. We also played with Witching Waves in Sheffield and I love their version of ‘You’ on this comp. We caught ES recently at the O2 in Bristol where they were supporting the Cribs on tour, was amazing to watch them play on a bigger stage and the fucking rocked!

Please may I urge you, reader, to go and spend a fiver on this great GREEN CASSETTE compilation and/or listen to it and give love to all the fabulous artists on here!

Annie x

Stephen Doyle’s Punk Show: https://www.mixcloud.com/SonicDiary/the-punk-show-with-sd-124/


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