Some bits of reviews so far of new release ‘Blood Burst’ EP (20/3/15)

“…a resounding war cry.” – Drunken Werewolf.

“…a breakthrough release.” – Neon Filler.

“…new ammo for your headphones.” – Dystophia Radio.

“…a stonking tune…” – BBC Introducing in the West

“…music that confronts, challenges, leaves you confused.” – Dancing about Architecture

“…a glamourously rusty piece of ethereal post punk noise.” – Flux Magazine.

“…Blinding melodies and knockout harmonies blooming proudly from ferrous grooves.” – Universal Horse

“…fucking fab.” – Tasty Zine.


Awesome review of Dot to Dot Festival Bristol. . . Glad we sent the magic flying!

“…Fortunately Hysterical Injury’s half hour of slamming and whamming blasts us back to reality, and the fact that the South West has a truly blossoming live scene. People leave so utterly stunned that they randomly accost bar tenders and punters on the street to let them know how good the performance was. If Kyla hadn’t nabbed the title earlier on tonight, Hysterical Injury would be clear winners of the evening.”

Thanks to Drunken Werewolf Magazine!

Guardian HI PNG
Interview with HI in September 2013 in The Guardian

Interview in Bass Guitar Magazine October 2013. BASS GUITAR MAGAZINE INTERVIEW

HI 98 Wounds Keira Cullinane
Interview in photo-magazine 98 Wounds, December 2013: 98 Wounds

BIG JEff review dec 2013
“Like Le Tigre having a full blown argument with Lightning Bolt”
Review by Bristol’s most avid gig-goer Big Jeff on his blog ‘Thoroughly Annoying Blonde’.

More to come. . .


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