New album ‘Life / Death / Life’ coming soon…

Till then…. check this out or go to our BANDCAMP

Our new EP is available to buy now! Released on 20th March 2015, ‘Blood Burst’ is a four track fire ball of psychedelic noise, folk song melody and literary dreaming. Produced by Gordon Raphael (The Strokes, Regina Spektor) recorded at J&J Bristol.


“…a resounding war cry.” – Drunken Werewolf.

“…a breakthrough release.” – Neon Filler.

“…new ammo for your headphones.” – Dystophia Radio.

“…a stonking tune…” – BBC Introducing in the West

“…music that confronts, challenges, leaves you confused.” – Dancing about Architecture

“…a glamourously rusty piece of ethereal post punk noise.” – Flux Magazine.

“…Blinding melodies and knockout harmonies blooming proudly from ferrous grooves.” – Universal Horse

“…fucking fab.” – Tasty Zine.


Our debut albumDEAD WOLF SITUATION is available at Rise Records, Bristol, Jumbo Records in Leeds, Audacious Art Experiment in Sheffeild, all online shops and from our Bandcamp page

“…even moments you initially conceive as missteps evolve into something better.” – Keep Pop Loud’s Dead Wolf Situation review

“…The range of sounds and expressions created across these dozen songs – particularly with the guitars – is remarkable and almost viscerally striking.” Wears The Trousers Magazine

“…opening track ‘Halo Alkanes’, the deafening ‘Cycle One’ and others contain beats as infectious as 14th Century London” 4/5 Artrocker

was part-funded by The Joe Strummer Foundation, Strummerville, and Ricky Gardiner Songs to whom HUGE THANKS apply. ‘Maths’ is available for free from Strummerville here.


We did these two EP’s too…

Our Lives Are A Futuristic Nightmare EP
(Crystal Fuzz 2009)
We Machines

LTD CD Heavy grade silk-screened sleeve by Danny Le Guilcher designed by the Annie and Lee Stone. This EP features drummer Lee Stone. SOLD OUT


The Hysterical Injury EP
(Crystal Fuzz 2008)
Adam West
24 Hour Glass

LTD CD Sleeve designed by Lee Stone (sold out). This EP features drummer Lee Stone and guitarist Robert Jackson.


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